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Posts from the ‘BedInABox News’ Category Earns Skin Friendly Certification for CoolRest Gel® Memory Foam Mattresses earns Hohenstein Institute Skin Friendly Certification earns Hohenstein Institute Skin Friendly Certification Earns Skin Friendly Certification for CoolRest Gel® Memory Foam Mattresses

Burlington, NC, June 4, 2015— Hohenstein Institute announces that, the US manufacturer and Internet retailer of high quality, technologically advanced memory foam mattresses, has been awarded Hohenstein’s Skin Friendly quality label.’s CoolRest Gel® memory foam mattresses have been extensively tested to confirm that they do not harm skin cells in ways that could lead to discomfort and interrupted sleep.

“People spend about 1/3 of their lives in bed,” says Matt Burgess, Sr. Vice President, “We want our products to help make that time relaxing and restorative. We invest extensively in our CoolRest Gel® memory foam mattresses to guarantee that they are comfortable and provide peaceful rest for the entire family.”

Hohenstein’s Skin Friendly quality label calls for products to be tested for interactions with live human skin cells. Samples undergo a series of evaluations to determine whether contact with skin cells damages them in ways that could result in skin irritation and discomfort.’s CoolRest Gel® memory foam mattresses were analyzed and found to meet Hohenstein’s stringent criteria for being biocompatible with and non-irritating to skin cells.

In addition to being skin friendly,’s CoolRest Gel® memory foam mattresses are designed to relieve pressure points, dissipate body heat, and recover their shape quickly. is also committed to improving the environmental impact of its memory foam by further decreasing the percentage of petroleum based raw materials used in the manufacturing process. CoolRest Gel® memory foam is manufactured in the USA.

“ clearly takes the health and well-being of every customer very seriously,” says Dr. Sam Moore, managing director of Hohenstein Institute America. “They establish comprehensive quality standards for their CoolRest Gel® memory foam mattresses then test them thoroughly to confirm that every requirement is met.”

More information about Hohenstein’s skin sensory testing and certification services is available on Hohenstein’s website or by emailing Dr. Moore at Hohenstein Institute America.

More about our Certi-PUR-US Certified Memory Foam Mattresses

The CertiPUR-US® program is administered by a nonprofit organization and is the most rigorous and comprehensive certification for polyurethane foam. is proud to be one of the first companies in the US to have their mattresses tested by and certified by the CertiPUR-US® program. The CertiPUR-US® certification is part of our commitment to our customers to provide the best products possible, at the most affordable prices possible.

Why Choose Mattresses Certified By Hohenstein Institute

Hohenstein Institute
September, 2009

Case Study:

When, a leading manufacturer and e-tailer of premium memory foam mattresses, decided to position their new non-toxic memory foam as the healthiest and safest in the world, they came to Hohenstein Institute.

Bill Bradley, CEO of believes the new “Clean Foam” movement is the most important next step for ensuring the continued growth and vitality of the memory foam mattress market. Hohenstein designed the test plan that would provide with the most compelling data to support their product claims plus provide the certifications that would be influential with consumers.

All testing was conducted under one roof on Hohenstein’s campus in Bönnigheim, Germany and managed through Hohenstein’s USA office in Elon, NC. Through Hohenstein’s proprietary testing capabilities, foams were analyzed for interaction with living skin cells.

The first phase of testing confirmed that contact with the foams did not cause any damage to the skin cells (cytotoxicity) which could result in skin irritation. The second phase determined that the foams did not elicit a stressful response from the skin cells which would indicate the potential for allergic reaction. By meeting both cellular response criteria, memory foams were awarded Hohenstein’s “Skin Friendly” certification-the first in history.

Now has independent, third-party verification to back up their claims that their memory foams are non-toxic and safe for the entire family. Their consumers can rest easy in more ways than one.

BedInABox – First to Exclusively Specify Certipur-US Certified Foams

(Loudon, TN –September 8, 2009) The first bedding manufacturer to offer mattresses and bedding products exclusively containing CertiPUR-US certified foams is BedInABox, LLC, based in Piney Flats, TN. The company is an internet foam mattress manufacturer and e-tailer that makes mattresses, mattress covers, pillows, adjustable and platform beds available through their Web site at

While BedinaBox is the first to exclusively specify CertiPUR-US foams, momentum is building within the bedding and upholstered furniture manufacturers for use of CertiPUR-US registered foam products. There are now four U.S.-based foam producers offering CertiPUR-US certified foams and two additional companies are expected to offer certified foam by the end of this year. Companies offering certified foams are listed in the products section at

The CertiPUR-US certification process examines flexible polyurethane foam (FPF) products through a battery of independent laboratory examinations including tests for VOCs and chemical analysis. Compliant products pass the laboratory testing requirements and are certified to be manufactured without use of prohibited content such as ozone-depleting CFCs, PBDE fire retardants, lead, mercury and other materials of concern. CertiPUR-US also sets baseline requirements for foam physical performance that can contribute to foam comfort and durability.

The CertiPUR-US seal can be used as a value-added marketing tool for upholstered furniture and mattresses that contain certified foam cushioning products to help consumers make informed buying decisions.

The CertiPUR-US certification program is open to all foam manufacturers. To earn CertiPUR-US certification, foams must undergo laboratory testing and adhere to the U.S. Voluntary Physical Performance and Environmental Certification Guidelines for Flexible Polyurethane Foam for Use in Furniture and Bedding Items. These guidelines were developed over the past several years by industry members, scientists, members of the academic community, environmentalists and other experts. is a fresh new concept in high quality mattresses offered at fair prices presented simply and delivered quickly and efficiently through e-commerce. Founded by Bill Bradley in 2006, BedinaBox is operated from a modern 150,000 square foot facility in Piney Flats, TN.

Conceived by the Polyurethane Foam Association, CertiPUR-US is now a program of the Alliance for Flexible Polyurethane Foam, Inc. The program is adapted from, and closely aligned with, the European CertiPUR program, developed in 2002 by Europur, the association of European flexible polyurethane foam block manufacturers. Two key additions in the CertiPUR-US program include the U.S. minimum physical performance criteria and shorter intervals between recertification testing.

More information is available at