5 Tips to a More Restful Vacation

While we go on vacation to get some much needed rest from the stresses of day-to-day life, it’s common to experience difficulty relaxing while away from home. Between the planning process and travel, there are a lot of obstacles to fully enjoying your time off. The biggest of these is difficulty sleeping while on vacation. A new sleep environment or simply too much excitement could be the cause of those sleepless nights in paradise. Follow these simple tips to truly unwind and make the most of your down time.

1. Plan relaxing activities:

If a restless night is inevitable, plan some rejuvenating activities for the daytime. A soothing spa day consisting of steam rooms, massages and even an invigorating facial can make even the worse insomniac forget about that night of tossing and turning. If the spa isn’t in your budget, resting by the pool or ocean could be the perfect way to lull you in to an afternoon nap.

2. Maintain your sleep routine:

It is tempting to engage in a more lax sleep routine when on vacation. Going to sleep at your normal bedtime and avoiding food and drinks that keep you awake at night can help ease the difficulty some experience when sleeping in a new space. Maintaining your normal routine, as difficult as it may be, is the best way to ensure a good night’s rest away from home.

3. Make your room familiar:

Simple adjustments such as bringing your pillow or humidifier from home can make all the difference when sleeping in a new environment. You can also make simple modifications to your environment such as regulating your room temperature and controlling unwanted noise with the use of ear buds. By making your room more familiar, you can easily experience a more restful and fulfilling night’s sleep while on vacation.

4.Prepare yourself for time zone changes:

Time zone changes and jet lag are known to reap havoc on tired travelers. Prepare for the change in time in advance by gradually going to bed closer to the time you would while on vacation in the new time zone. This process will ease the transition to a new time zone and leave you with less time yawning and more time enjoying your vacation.

5. Plan a Sleep Vacation:

For those with serious sleep disorders, sleep retreats are being offered at many resorts in the United States. These intensive programs range in length but all have the goal of helping you have more fulfilling sleep. This fad is increasing in popularity and causing people to seriously assess and confront their sleep disorders. If you find yourself needing a vacation from your vacation, you should consider a sleep vacation.