What to Do With Your Old Mattress

You’ve done your research on mattresses and found the best one to buy for you or a family member, and you are now anxiously awaiting its arrival. It’s exciting to get a new mattress, but it can become a little confusing when you’re trying to figure out what to do with the old mattress. Here are a few suggestions that will hopefully make the process of getting rid of your old mattress painless as possible.

  • If your mattress is still in usable condition be sure to check with family members and friends who might be in need of a mattress.
  • You may want to consider donating the mattress to a local homeless shelter/church.
  • A nonprofit such as the Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity ReStore, or Goodwill just to name a few, are in need of donations and usually offer pickup services.
  • If you’re feeling a little crafty you can find ways to re-purpose your old mattress. A few suggestions: Outside Swinging Bench/Bed, Lounge Area, Child’s Reading Nook, Pet Bed.
  • If your mattress isn’t in the best condition, but still usable you can try contacting local Pet Rescue Centers to see if they take mattress donations to give the animals a more comfortable place to sit and sleep.
  • If your mattress isn’t in an usable condition check out Spring Back Mattress Recycling to see if they have a location near you. They create employment opportunities for disenfranchised men; and rather than discarding people and disposing of waste, Spring Back is redefining recycling.
  • You can also go to Earth911 to look up where the closest place to recycle a mattress is near you, recycling a mattress helps to reduce the number of mattresses that get dumped into landfills.